When Is National Bubble Tea Day 2024? How to Celebrate

Hi bubble tea lovers, in today’s post, we will discover:

  • When is National Bubble Tea Day 2024, 2025, and further?
  • Why are we celebrating Bubble Tea Day?
  • History of National Bubble Tea Day 
  • Who invented bubble tea?
  • What is special about bubble tea today?
  • 10 fun ideas to celebrate National Bubble Tea Day
  • Which bubble tea flavor is the best?

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When is National Bubble Tea Day 2024 and further?

Have you tried bubble tea yet? It’s that sweet, creamy, and chewy drink that everyone is talking about. It’s super popular these days, and for good reason—it’s delicious! 

National Bubble Tea Day is celebrated on April 30 every year. This year, National Bubble Tea Day is on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

when is national bubble tea day

Check out the dates for National Bubble Tea Day from 2024 to 2034 below. 



Day of the week

National Bubble Tea Day 2024

April 30, 2024


National Bubble Tea Day 2025

April 30, 2025


National Bubble Tea Day 2026

April 30, 2026


National Bubble Tea Day 2027

April 30, 2027


National Bubble Tea Day 2028

April 30, 2028


National Bubble Tea Day 2029

April 30, 2029


National Bubble Tea Day 2030

April 30, 2030


National Bubble Tea Day 2031

April 30, 2031


National Bubble Tea Day 2032

April 30, 2032


National Bubble Tea Day 2033

April 30, 2033


National Bubble Tea Day 2034

April 30, 2034


Why are we celebrating Bubble Tea Day?

National Bubble Tea Day is coming up on April 30! It hasn’t been around for that long, but we’re so excited to celebrate this unique drink. If you’re a fan of bubble tea, you know that this sweet and creamy drink with tapioca balls is totally addictive. It’s no wonder it’s become so popular in pop culture. The addition of National Bubble Tea Day to the calendar gives human recognition to this drink and its growing popularity.

History of National Bubble Tea Day 

The first National Bubble Tea Day was celebrated in 2018. It was founded by the Kung Fu Tea company, which is based in Queens, New York. They chose to celebrate it on April 30 because it marked the anniversary of when the company was established back in 2010.

Who invented bubble tea?

Bubble tea has been around for almost four decades. Two tea houses—Chun Shui Tang in Taichung and Hanlin Tea Room in Tainan—both claim to have invented the drink in 1986. 

Angela Liu, the daughter of Chun Shui Tang’s founder, says, “When we started to drink iced tea, we found there was a lot of variation. So my dad started to think, what else can we do?” Her father, Liu Han-Chieh, asked his staff to experiment with different toppings and textures, and one of them decided to add tapioca balls—thus, the beverage was born. 

In Tainan, the founder of Hanlin Tea Room was inspired by the dessert stalls at his local traditional market. “He’d been thinking for a couple of days how to increase the value of his drink when he suddenly noticed the starch balls in sugar water that a grandmother was selling,” says Jack Huang, an operations manager at Hanlin. “He thought: why is this only paired with sugar? So he added it to tea.” 

Although it’s impossible to verify either story, the claim to ownership was so fierce that the two tea shops were involved in a decade-long lawsuit. In 2019, the court eventually concluded that since bubble tea is not a patented product, who actually invented it is irrelevant.

What is special about bubble tea today?

when is national bubble tea day

Lots of young people love bubble tea! It’s got a sweet taste and a fun vibe, plus you get to “eat” your drink since it’s got those chewy tapioca balls in it. And because it looks super cool and you can show off your drink on social media, it’s become a trendy choice lately!

This chilled tea is filled with large tapioca pearls that are sipped through a wide straw, offering a unique textural experience that goes beyond the usual drink. 

The best part? You can customize your bubble tea to your liking. Choose from green, jasmine, or black tea as your base and enhance it with fruity flavors like mango, lychee, or peach. You can also adjust the sweetness level, switch to sugar-free sweeteners like stevia or agave, and even try dairy-free options such as almond or oat milk. 

But the customization doesn’t stop there. Instead of regular tapioca pearls, you can try popping bubbles (tapioca pearls filled with fruit juice that explodes upon chewing), lychee jellies, or aloe chunks for added texture. For a unique twist, try topping your bubble tea with sweetened cheese foam, similar to foam on a latte.

How do you celebrate Bubble Tea Day?

when is national bubble tea day

Here are 10 fun ideas to celebrate National Bubble Tea Day:

1. Bubble tea crawl

Do a bubble tea crawl with your buddies! Visit different shops in your area and try different flavors. Don’t forget to rate them and pick your favorite!

2. DIY bubble tea party

Host a bubble tea-making party at home! There are loads of recipes available online, so get creative with flavors and toppings.

3. Bubble tea trivia night

Put your bubble tea knowledge to the test with a trivia night! You can make up your own questions or find some online. Give prizes to the winners.

4. Bubble tea taste test

How about blindfolding yourself and your friends for a bubble tea taste test? Try different bubble tea flavors and see if you can figure out what they are! 

5. Make bubble tea art

Get creative and use bubble tea to create art! You can use the tapioca pearls to make patterns or even pictures or experiment with different techniques to create some tie-dye art.

6. Host a bubble tea costume contest

If you’re in the mood to dress up, why not host a bubble tea costume contest? Dress up as your favorite flavor or character, and have fun! You can even award prizes for the most creative and hilarious costumes.

7. Create a bubble tea challenge

Challenge your buddies on social media to join in on the fun by posting their best bubble tea creation, funniest bubble tea story, or a selfie enjoying their favorite bubble tea.

8. Make bubble tea-inspired desserts

Get creative and whip up some delicious bubble tea-inspired desserts. You can try making bubble tea cupcakes, ice cream, or even a cake.

9. Bubble tea photo booth

Consider a bubble tea photo booth at your event. Set up props and backdrops for guests to take fun photos. Provide a selection of bubble tea flavors for added enjoyment. This will create memorable moments for your guests and add a unique touch to your event.

10. Bubble tea charity fundraiser

Organize a bubble tea charity fundraiser and a part of the money earned from selling bubble tea will be donated to a good cause or organization.


Is bubble tea and boba the same?

Bubble tea and boba tea are the same drink, just with different names. Some people may use one name more often than another, depending on where they’re from or what they prefer.

Is bubble tea vegan?

Bubble tea can be vegan or non-vegan, depending on the ingredients used. Milk bubble tea contains dairy milk, which is not vegan. However, fruit teas can be used to make vegan-friendly bubble tea. 

The boba in bubble tea is also vegan as tapioca pearls are plant-based, and popping pearls are made of water, sugar, fruit juice, and Alginic acid derived from algae, making them plant-based too.

Which bubble tea flavor is the best?

when is national bubble tea day

Looking for the best bubble tea flavor? Here are 5 top picks to help you decide.

1. Black milk/Hong Kong milk tea: If you’re new to bubble tea, try the classic black milk flavor, also known as Hong Kong milk tea. This simple drink features black tea and black tapioca balls, making it a timeless choice.

2. Taro milk tea: Taro bubble tea is known for its unique purple color and sweet, nutty flavor. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it’s also healthy and refreshing.

3. Brown sugar: Brown sugar bubble tea is a sweeter version of black milk tea, with streaks of brown sugar added to the black tea. Although it’s a popular choice for those with a sweet tooth, it’s not the healthiest option.

4. Thai milk tea: Thai milk tea is a favorite among bubble tea enthusiasts. Made with traditional Thai iced tea, this drink has a dynamic combination of spices and a sweet taste.

5. Honeydew: For a lighter, more refreshing option, try honeydew bubble tea. This drink features a subtle flavor and is perfect for those looking for something less sugary.


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