When Is International Viognier Day 2024? How to Celebrate

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When is International Viognier Day 2024 & further?

Viognier (pronounced Vee-own-yay) is a fancy white wine from the historical appellation of Condrieu in southern France. This one smells so good—it has hints of peach, tangerine, and honeysuckle. Some people even like it aged in oak barrels because it tastes creamy and has a little bit of vanilla flavor. If you’re a fan of bold white wines like Chardonnay, you should definitely try Viognier.

International Viognier Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April every year. This year, International Viognier Day is on Friday, April 26, 2024.

international viognier day

Check out the dates for International Viognier Day from 2024 to 2034 below. 



Day of the week

International Viognier Day 2024

April 26, 2024


International Viognier Day 2025

April 25, 2025


International Viognier Day 2026

April 24, 2026


International Viognier Day 2027

April 30, 2027


International Viognier Day 2028

April 28, 2028


International Viognier Day 2029

April 27, 2029


International Viognier Day 2030

April 26, 2030


International Viognier Day 2031

April 25, 2031


International Viognier Day 2032

April 30, 2032


International Viognier Day 2033

April 29, 2033


International Viognier Day 2034

April 28, 2034


Interesting history of International Viognier Day

Yalumba, a winery from South Australia, created International Viognier Day in 2021. This wine company has been around since 1849, and it’s still run by the Hill-Smith family. They’re super cool and always trying new things! On the last Friday of April, Yalumba invites people all over the world to celebrate International Viognier Day. It’s a great chance to try different wines and have some fun!

10 fun ideas to celebrate International Viognier Day

international viognier day

Are you searching for the perfect way to celebrate International Viognier Day? We’ve got you covered with 10 exciting ideas that will make your day memorable!

For individuals:

  1. Plan a Viognier tasting party and invite your friends over to enjoy a taste test of different Viogniers from around the world.
  1. Try a Viognier-based cocktail to add some thrill to your day. There are plenty of delicious cocktail recipes, from Viognier Spritzers to French 75s and Viognier Margaritas.
  1. Cook a mouth-watering meal that pairs perfectly with Viognier. This versatile wine goes well with chicken, fish, or shellfish, so you have many options.
  1. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a winery that produces Viognier, why not take a tour and taste it? This is a great chance to see how this wine is made and try different varieties.
  1. Share your love for Viognier on social media using the hashtag #InternationalViognierDay. You can post pictures of your favorite bottles or tasting experiences to spread the word.

For businesses:

  1. Host a Viognier tasting event to introduce your customers to this amazing wine. This activity will help you showcase your establishment and attract new customers.
  1. Create a Viognier menu with dishes that pair perfectly with this wine. This will help your customers choose the right food to accompany their wine and have an unforgettable dining experience.
  1. Offer a discount on Viognier wines or create a special Viognier gift basket. This will encourage your customers to try new wines and appreciate Viognier’s beauty.
  1. Get your employees involved in a Viognier cocktail competition. This fun activity will bring your team together and help them learn more about the wine.
  1. Give back to the community by donating a portion of your Viognier sales to a charity that supports the wine industry. This shows your appreciation for the industry and your desire to make a difference in the lives of those who work in it.

Viognier 101

What type of wine is a Viognier?

international viognier day

Viognier is a medium- to full-bodied white wine with a relatively high alcohol content and low acidity. It’s best to enjoy Viognier while still young and fresh, as the acidity and aroma tend to diminish over time.

What is Viognier wine taste?

If you love stopping to smell the flowers, Viognier is the wine for you. Its flavors range from light and tangy, such as tangerine, honeysuckle, and mango, to creamier and more aromatic, with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and clove. 

The intensity of Viognier varies depending on the producer, ranging from light and bubbly to bold and creamy. It’s similar in weight to Chardonnay but with a softer acidity and more floral notes. 

Most Viognier wines are dry, but some producers make a slightly off-dry style that brings out the peachy aromas. If you’re sipping Viognier, you’ll notice an oily sensation on the middle of your tongue, which is a characteristic of wines made with this grape. The drier styles are less fruity on the palate and deliver a subtle bitterness, almost like biting into a fresh rose petal.

What is the best food pairing with Viognier?

When pairing foods with Viognier wine, you must respect its delicate floral notes and medium acidity. To make it work, you should focus on enhancing the wine’s core flavors and avoid pairing it with too acidic or bold foods.

For a sweet and refreshing match, try a stone fruit galette or baked brie with apricot jam. If you’re more into contrasts, go for spicy and grilled dishes like shish kebab, which will balance out the wine’s creaminess and add some smoky flavor to it.

Is Viognier similar to Chardonnay?

Chardonnay and Viognier are both types of white wine that originated in France. While they share the trait of being full-bodied and typically oak-aged to achieve a creamy texture, their aromatic qualities differ. 

Is Viognier the same as Sauvignon Blanc?

Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc are two different types of wine made from two different types of grapes. They have unique flavors. Sauvignon Blanc is known for its diverse tropical flavors of passion fruit and gooseberry, as well as grassy and mineral characteristics depending on where it’s grown. On the other hand, Viognier has a distinct aroma of apricot and stonefruit and has a signature oily texture. 


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