When Is International Chardonnay Day 2024? How to Celebrate

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When is Chardonnay Day 2024 and further?

International Chardonnay Day is celebrated on the Thursday before Memorial Day every year in the United States and the Thursday before the last Monday in May in other parts of the world. This year, it falls on Thursday, May 23, 2024.

international chardonnay day

Check out the dates for Chardonnay Day from 2024 to 2034 below. 



Day of the week

Chardonnay Day 2024

May 23, 2024


Chardonnay Day 2025

May 22, 2025


Chardonnay Day 2026

May 21, 2026


Chardonnay Day 2027

May 27, 2027


Chardonnay Day 2028

May 25, 2028


Chardonnay Day 2029

May 24, 2029


Chardonnay Day 2030

May 23, 2030


Chardonnay Day 2031

May 22, 2031


Chardonnay Day 2032

May 27, 2032


Chardonnay Day 2033

May 26, 2033


Chardonnay Day 2034

May 25, 2034


Why do we celebrate International Chardonnay Day?

In May 2010, Rick Bakas, social media director for St. Supéry Winery in California, created Chardonnay Day. The idea came to him after the success of Cabernet Day, which is celebrated on the last Thursday before Labor Day in the United States. 

10 fun ideas to celebrate International Chardonnay Day

international chardonnay day

For individuals:

  1. Cook a delicious meal that goes well with Chardonnay. You can find some recipes online and impress yourself with your cooking skills.
  1. Self-tasting with different bottles of Chardonnay from various regions or grapes. Pour yourself a taste of each and decide which one you like the most!
  1. Host a Chardonnay party with your friends and family. Ask everyone to bring a bottle of Chardonnay and enjoy some tasty food together.
  1. Go on a wine tour or visit a wine shop that offers tastings. You can learn more about Chardonnay and try out some new wines at the same time.
  1. Help out at a charity wine event. Enjoying some Chardonnay while giving back to your community is a great way to celebrate this special day. It’s a win-win situation!

For businesses:

  1. Give a discount on Chardonnay bottles or cases purchased on International Chardonnay Day.
  1. Host an educational seminar led by a wine expert, where customers can learn about Chardonnay’s history, styles, and food pairings.
  1. Offer free samples of different Chardonnays to encourage customers to try new wines.
  1. Host a live music event with a special menu featuring Chardonnay pairings.
  1. Run a social media contest where people share photos of themselves enjoying Chardonnay for a chance to win a prize.

FAQs related to Chardonnay Day 

Is Chardonnay a celebratory wine?

international chardonnay day

Chardonnay is the most popular white wine in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. People love to pop open a bottle of Chardonnay at dinner parties or any other kind of celebration. It’s not just because it’s fancy or anything, but because it goes really well with all kinds of hearty meals like roast chicken, pasta dishes, seafood, grilled fish, or curries.

What are the three types of Chardonnay?

If you want to get into Chardonnay, you should know that there are three main types. The first is creamy and oaked—perfect if you like a full-bodied white wine. These wines can have a range of flavors, from tropical fruit to poached pear, with a chalky texture. 

The second type, a citrusy and unoaked Chardonnay, is a dream for those who prefer a light white wine with floral and citrus notes. These wines can surprise your palate with flavors like yellow apple and fresh pineapple and the subtle hints of white flowers, green apple, and citrus peel. 

The third type is sparkling Chardonnay, which is often called Blanc de Blancs. These wines range in flavor from Meyer lemon and honeycomb to lemon zest and minerals. Blanc de Blancs wines can be rich or lean, depending on your preference.

Is Chardonnay a high-end wine?

Chardonnay can be a fancy wine or an affordable one, depending on how it’s made and where it comes from. The pricey ones are usually made in famous wine regions like Burgundy or Napa Valley and get aged in oak barrels for a long time. They are made with a lot of care and attention. 

What does drinking Chardonnay say about you?

If you enjoy Chardonnay, it suggests that you appreciate sophistication and elegance. You have refined and confident tastes that reflect your love of luxury and the finer things in life. You pay close attention to details and are usually the one behind perfectly planned and organized events.

Should Chardonnay be chilled?

Chardonnay should be served chilled. If it’s too warm, the alcohol will taste strong, and the flavors will be hard to distinguish. On the other hand, if it’s too cold, you won’t be able to smell or taste the wine properly. 

The ideal temperature range for serving Chardonnay is 50–55°F. You can achieve this by refrigerating the wine for two hours or placing it in an ice-water bath for 30–40 minutes. If you don’t finish the bottle, put the cork back in and store it in the fridge. This will keep the flavors fresh for 2–4 days. After that, the wine will start to oxidize, and it’s best to use it for cooking.

What food goes with Chardonnay?

Here are some tips: avoid spicy and acidic foods, and instead choose creamy, light, and simply seasoned foods. For cheese, choose bolder options with heavily oaked Chardonnay and lighter options with unoaked Chardonnay. With chicken, stick to white meat and avoid sweet sauces. Chardonnay also pairs well with shellfish and flaky white fish, and a heavily oaked Chardonnay goes nicely with pan-seared salmon.


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